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Our goal is to be the best FREE e-zine and web portal delivering details, news and information about upcoming wine festivals in the USA and worldwide. We firmly believe that most wine festivals would attract larger crowds if more of us knew about them! Wine festivals have become a much better holiday than visiting traditional weekend destinations. Web links to wine festivals, events and happenings can be found on our calendar by date or region. We have divided the globe into only three sections; Eastern USA, Western USA and Other Wine Fests. We have a Google calendar so you can quickly move a wine fest to your own calendar. Read comments on wine festivals we have attended and see our blogs where we may comment on just about anything in the area of wine festivals. We added a section on vineyard visits and, of course, post our almost monthly newsletter, the SPIT OR SWALLOW, as well. Feel free to comment on the blogs as you see fit. Most of us here have thick skin, so if you feel that we inadvertently called a spade, a spade and you disagree, trump us! If you like pics and video, since they communicate better than the written word, we have that too! We define a wine festival as something that normally is longer than one day. A wine event would be that one day happening. We will be adding a new site soon giving you news on wine events. For now, enjoy our concentration on wine festivals. Finally, we need you, our WineFestivites, to post your own comment about the wine festivals that you have attended. That’s why we are using WordPress software! It is the most popular blogging software out there, so posting your comments should be easy. Oh my gosh, if you see that you wish to post a comment and cannot find the wine festival, email us and we will get the just concluded festival posted so you may post that comment. Why? Because our belief is that you and many others will use our archive section to look over prior posts of wine festivals and more specifically to see the comments on them. This should help you to decide if it is worth your time, money and efforts to seriously consider attending that wine festival in the coming year. WineFestNews is a web portal devoted to wine festivals and information and links about them. Search for festivals by date or location. WineFestNews personnel are devoted to giving the reader a plethora of wine festivals to sort through and select one to attend. As you will start to see, there are many, many to pick and choose from. Based upon timing, cost, location or activities within the wine festival, we are committed to giving you sufficient information or a link for more details so you make a great choice. We have never been to a wine festival that really sucked. Maybe a 2 or 3 on a 10 scale, but cause of our love of wine and good times, they all are enjoyable. Welcome to Wine Fest News! Please remember, all rights reserved and some lefts too……….